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Law Enforcement Training

by Virtra Systems

Providing high quality basic and advanced firearms training that enhances survivability, promotes the safe handling, proficient application and justifiable use of a firearm.

300 degree Threat training

A 300-degree, wraparound screen, allowing officers to train for the most difficult real-world situations, ambushes, and situational awareness during extreme stress.

real life scenarios

Deal with potential threats, using body language, and use subtle movements to make split-second life-and-death decisions.

real firearms

Modified police issued firearms with authentic recoil, allowing the trainee to experience the feel and action of the weapon.

up to four trainees

Train with partners on how to deal with multiple threats, dealing not only with your safety, but the safety of other officers in the field.


virtual outcomes

For every scenario there are multiple outcomes. Scenarios may end peacefully or may justify the use of a firearm.

reviewable performance

Each scenario can be reviewed by the instructor, allowing the trainee to evaluate the situational environment.

accuracy training

There are 180 different target ranges that evaluate the trainee on both precision and time.

threat fire

The threat fire tool is a belt attached taser that delivers immediate feedback to the user, simulating a real gunshot wound.

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What Our Customers Said

  • The “fun shoots” in the tactical range are outrageously fun. Safe, clean, and very challenging. Mike B.Columbia Falls Montana
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Famous Quotes

  • Draw quickly! Shoot carefully! No one has ever been killed by a loud noise.

    Col. Jeff CooperThe Father of Modern Hand Gun Techniques

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  Units (In Dollars)

Tactical Rates

Per Shooter
(spectators are free)
Per Day 30.00

Rentals (not required)

AR (Tactical Rifles)
(ammo not included)
Per hour 50.00
Shotguns (Tactical)
(ammo not included)
Per hour 50.00
Fully Automatic (Machine Gun)
(ammo not included)
Per hour 150.00


Rentals must use our ammo
(check front desk for prices)
Market Price

Eye & Ear Protection

Ear Muffs & Safety Glasses Per Day 3.00


Targets each 1.00

Tactical Rules

  • All guns in racks with actions open when range is cold.
  • No handling of guns while anyone is downrange.
  • No incendiary or tracer ammunition.
  • Do not climb on berm.
  • Guns may only be loaded at shooting tables by Range Officer.
  • No children under 14 allowed on range. Ages 14-18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Follow all directives of the Range Safety Officer.
  • Violation of any policies may lead to immediate removal from the premises.

Please click on the RULES button to fill out RULES FORM; Bring form
with you if you are new to Northwest Shooter.


  Units (In Dollars)

Shooting Range

Per Person Per Day 20.00
Per Person for Active Military and Law Enforement Per Hour 15.00
Annual Pass which includes unlimited shooting Per Year 400.00
Annual Pass for Active Military and Law Enforement
10% discount on accessories.
Per Year 350.00
Annual Pass for your spouse Per Year 300.00
Annual Pass for each eligible child Per Year 200.00
Annual Pass Rifle and Pistol Per Year 500.00  

Handgun Rentals

Not including Ammunition.
(Rental Guns require our ammunition)
Per Day 25.00
Rentals must use our ammo
(check front desk for prices)
Market Price

Eye & Ear Protection

Ear Muffs & Safety Glasses Per Day 3.00


Targets each 1.00
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Handguns - Tactical - Shotguns - Machine Guns

What type of firearm would you like to shoot? Contact us today!
  • Handguns.......................................$25.00 per day
  • Tactical Rifles...............................$40.00 per day
  • Shotguns.........................................$40.00 per day
  • Machine Guns.............................$75.00 per day
  • Plus cost of ammo..................Market Price
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