Number 12/19
Status Registration end
Begin 02-16-2019, 1:00 PM
End 02-16-2019, 4:00 PM
Closing date 02-15-2019, 8:00 PM
Instructor Doug Davis
Organizer Northwest Shooter Instructors
Location Northwest Shooter
Bookable 8
Fees $ 100.00 per person

Advanced CWP

This course is designed to provide the concealed weapons permit holder with all of the skills and techniques necessary to use the pistol for personal defense including a law update on the "Castle Doctrine & Stand Your Ground". What is the best concealment? What caliber gun? Carry loaded? Use the sites or shoot instinctive? Weaver or isosceles stance and grip? Following the 3 1/2 hour session participants will have reviewed every aspect of Concealed Weapons Carry. Each class is loaded with hands-on practice exercises that will highly tune your effectiveness. Live fire with coaching is an essential element and you will shoot a precise, timed course of fire in the indoor tactical range. Bring your concealed carry holster, gun, and 100 rounds of ammo. Firearms instructor Doug Davis

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  Units (In Dollars)

Tactical Rates

Per Shooter
(spectators are free)
Per Day 25.00

Rentals (not required)

AR (Tactical Rifles)
(ammo not included)
Per hour 30.00
Shotguns (Tactical)
(ammo not included)
Per hour 30.00
Fully Automatic (Machine Gun)
(ammo not included)
Per hour 60.00


Rentals must use our ammo
(check front desk for prices)
Market Price

Eye & Ear Protection

Ear Muffs & Safety Glasses Per Day 3.00


Targets each 1.00

Tactical Rules

  • All guns in racks with actions open when range is cold.
  • No handling of guns while anyone is downrange.
  • No incendiary or tracer ammunition.
  • Do not climb on berm.
  • Guns may only be loaded at shooting tables by Range Officer.
  • No children under 14 allowed on range. Ages 14-20 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Follow all directives of the Range Safety Officer.
  • Violation of any policies may lead to immediate removal from the premises.

Please click on the RULES button to fill out RULES FORM; Bring form
with you if you are new to Northwest Shooter.

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